First successful deployment to iPhone and iPad.

Hello and welcome to Olive Game Studio, and the development of my first game “The Skies of Echelon”.

The biggest hurdle for myself (and probably other developers too) is producing a game that will work on not one device but many. As a developer, we live in world of lots of devices now, especially in the Android world.

First thing was to get the game to adapt to the two different aspect ratios on an iPhone and iPad. 4/3 and 16/9 for those that are interested.

With this in mind the game actually doesn’t look for those aspect ratios but automatically layouts the game according to the aspect ratio of the device. Theoretically, should work for what I expect to be 99% of the devices out there.

Having seen the likes of the iPhone X and XS, they have the interesting notch and edge to edge to deal with, but that is more about design decision.

So here’s the first screenshot of the game running side by side on two Apple devices.